HELLO THERE! We’re from Inglemoor High School, a public high school northeast of Lake Washington (the Seattle water area) that is also known for its snobby IB program and really cool students.

Though we do meet off-season to work on whatever side projects we have, our team’s main event is the First Robotics Competition through FIRSTWA, where we compete with teams across the Pacific Northwest.

The FRC entails us building a robot which completes a series of objectives, like shooting balls or climbing up monkey bars, within a period of 6 weeks. This is obviously not an ideal amount of time, so we meet often and work hard to create something which will meet and surpass those objectives. Additional info about these objectives is availible on our resources page.

Anyone can join! To become a member, you just need to show up to our meetings. We don’t have any membership fees or dues, and our funding is pretty solid because of FRC’s unnecessarily high entrance fees, so feel free to hop in at any time!

You do have to be a student in Northshore School district, though.
Join our discord or send an email to our advisor at jbrousseau@nsd.org for more info