Wow, it’s been a while. We haven’t been able to post updates about our innovative progress during build season, but we assure you the there has been progress nonetheless. This year, we attended two competitions: one at Glacier Peak Highschool, and one at Auburn Highschool. For Glacier Peak, which was a week 1 event,we constructed an arm with a claw-style grabber at the end to pick up and score cones/cubes into the goals. Unfortunately, repeated failures with the arm’s mechanishsms,as well as issues with the drivetrain, caused us to place 31st, out of 34 teams at the event, and we came back to Inglemoor at the end of that weekend with a hunger for improvement. Throughout the 4 weeks we had until the Auburn competition, we worked to make the robot more focused, efficient, and productive. We were able to, with the help of other teams(Thank you CPR #3663),compete competently at the Auburn event, placing 15th out of 31 teams-a halfway jump up the ranking ladder! Additionally, we gratefully accepted Mustang Mechanica(6076)’s gracious offer to join the 8th alliance in playoffs as their first selection, along with the Golden Gators(8303). For the first time since 2019, we had been chosen for a playoff alliance. Our alliance played valiantly, but was eliminated in semifinals due to some mild skill issues on the charge station. Even still, we are glad to have to opportunity to compete in the playoffs, and we are excited for what the future will bring.